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A uniquely intimate event by and for business support experts and skilled innovation practitioners.

Technology investments maximise the innovation potential of EU|BICs (organisations, services, ecosystems) and directly benefit their clients.

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Are you looking to energise your networks, exploit new market opportunities, address technology challenges, and grow your business?

EBN Techcamp 2023 will create opportunities for relationship-building with renowned innovation advocates and sector leaders, helping you understand the impact of immersive technology and its potential to reimagine entrepreneurial businesses.

Join Techcamp to enter the future of business support within:

VR/AR/XR, Web3.0, AI. 

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On the 18th-20th of October 2023, the EBN Techcamp Team will bring you to the Coventry University campus in the UK.

Why join:

Repurpose knowledge, resources, practices, and technologies to tackle business challenges, and revamp your ecosystem.

Create new opportunities

Exchange your ideas, ask questions and develop your strategy and new services in a close and intimate environment

Meet the experts

Visit, use, and experience cutting-edge simulation technology and learn about how it is deployed in business and business support.

Experience technology first-hand

Develop a global network of innovation leaders, experts, and decision-makers.

Connect with future partners

Simulation technology

Discover how Coventry is transforming its ecosystem through this groundbreaking technology

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€ billion

in 2022


€ billion

in 2030
From Virtual Worlds and Web 4.0 - Factsheet by the European Commission

Paying specific attention to simulation, immersive, and experiential technology, Techcamp 2023 will explore the deployment of this technology as its leading case study topic.

Taking advantage of Coventry University’s best-of-class facilities and expertise, with hands-on workshops, interactive panel sessions, and open discussions, the 2023 EBN Techcamp will provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of the potential of this technology

VR/AR/XR market in Europe
by 2025, in Europe, this technology will be produce:


€ billion



thousand people
From Strategic Paper VR/AR 
by the European Commission

The event will highlight the business support methodologies used to harness the transformative power of simulation technology in a range of sectors, including:


Innovating digital art, pushing the boundaries of creativity and storytelling.

Creative Industries

How can virtual and augmented reality be used to create new forms of storytelling?


What is the future of the Metaverse, XR/AR, and Digital Media?


Training healthcare professionals, testing medical devices, and simulating patient scenarios.


How can simulation, XR/AR, and digital media be used in medical training, telemedicine, and patient engagement? 

Image by XR Expo

Optimising production processes, designing prototypes, and predicting manufacturing outcomes.


How can advanced manufacturing technologies such as Digital Twins, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and the Metaverse are leading a path to higher efficiency and sustainability?

Web image to support Mobility and Manufa

Advancing the mobility industry and contributing to safer, greener, and more efficient mobility solutions.


How can simulation technologies be used to improve the safety and efficiency of transportation systems?


How can digital media be used to create new forms of transportation?


Book your ticket

*Benefit from a 10% discount by purchasing 2 tickets or more – valid for purchases from the same organization and/or client companies.


**If you would prefer to buy a ticket via bank transfer or another way, please do not hesitate to write us to

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